2017  | 100 minutes  |  premium  |   
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  • Director: Colin Offland
  • Cast: George Jung, Carlos Toro, John Jairo Velásquez aka Popeye, Pilar 'Princessa' Angel, Mike McManus, Mike Vigil, Adam Newbold
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Bestselling author Rusty Young turns narrator for Colin Offland’s Wildlands. The documentary focuses on the underbelly of the narcotics trade, the trafficking of cocaine, and how it spread from South America and led to a global drug war. Wildlands explores the stories of the man who introduced the USA to cocaine, the assassin responsible for over 3,000 murders, the notorious Medellin cartel’s money-launderer, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s agents, and a Navy SEAL - all of whom recount their experiences of the birth and proliferation of the cocaine trade, and the war on drugs.