Weapons of Mass Surveillance
Weapons of Mass Surveillance

Weapons of Mass Surveillance

2017  | 42 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 16+
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  • Director: Elizabeth C. Jones
  • Cast: Nawal Al-Maghafi, Mohammed Al-Maskati, Ahmad Mansur
  • Awards: Best Investigation Award In Category (long Film Over 12 Minutes) - ARIJ Awards 2017
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Imagine a world in which surveillance has no limits. What can happen when it's in the hands of repressive governments? With countries investing millions in mass surveillance technologies to learn what the population is up to, the adage “walls have ears” has evolved to “smartphones have ears”. Cyber surveillance technology is enabling governments to record, archive, and analyse the communications of their citizens. This film is an investigation into the dangerous alliance of Western surveillance technology and Middle-Eastern governments eager to apply it to their citizens.