Vamizi: Cradle of Coral
Vamizi: Cradle of Coral

Vamizi: Cradle of Coral

2018  | 52 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Mattias Klum
  • Cast: Tessa Hempson, David Obura, William Winram
  • Awards: Silver Palm Award - Mexico International Film Festival 2017, Best Film (Ocean Environment) - Waimea Ocean Film Festival, Best Cinematography - New York WILD Film Festival
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Mattias Klum showcases the island of Vamizi, a vibrant underwater paradise with the highest diversity of coral reefs in the West Indian Ocean. Colorful and alive, this area is the breeding and birthing grounds for hundreds of marine species, like humpback whales, grey reef sharks and green sea turtles. However, this complex yet fragile ecosystem is now under threat from fishing, pollution and climate change. Will the conservationists succeed in their efforts to protect Vamizi from “progress”? This film documents their efforts to save this magnificent natural habitat for future generations.