Trapped in a Human Zoo
Trapped in a Human Zoo

Trapped in a Human Zoo

2016 | 52 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Guilhem Rondot
  • Cast: France Rivet, Nicolas Bancel, Hilke-Thode Arora, Gilles Boëtsch, Pascal Blanchard, Hans Rollmann, Rita Andersen, Johannes Lampe, Hartmut Lutz, Monika Zessnik, Klaus Gille, Dr. Carl Claus Hagenbeck, Alain Froment
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Carl Hagenbeck hired Abraham Ulrikab and a group of Inuits to perform at his zoo in Hamburg. The indigenous folks, paid to entertain the crowds, were also subjected to scientific experiments. Close to a century later, a forgotten diary helps unearth what actually happened to Ulrikab and his family. Go back in time to discover a story that remains intriguing even today.