The Ruins of Raqqa
The Ruins of Raqqa

The Ruins of Raqqa

2018 | 43 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Matt Brown
  • Cast: Sarah Ferguson, Jamie Williams
  • Awards: Walkley Winner - Television / Video: Camerawork Award Redfern New South Wales 2018
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The Islamic State’s occupation of Raqqa brought chaos, determined violence, and destruction. Children were made to watch executions on TV screens, and severed heads were hung all around the town square. Australian soldier Jamie Williams who fought to reclaim the city, and shopkeeper Wasna, single mother of six, recount the turbulent times, and the survivors’ efforts to rebuild their lives and Raqqa. It’s not an easy task as the IS hid mines in every home they occupied. There are dedicated experts clearing the leftover ordnances, but with little government and international aid, the road to normalcy will be a long one.