The Politics of Hate
The Politics of Hate

The Politics of Hate

2017  | 68 minutes  |   |   
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  • Director: Michael Perlman
  • Cast: Mehnaz Afridi, Christian Picciolini, Mark Potok
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In the seemingly progressive 21st century, why is hate finding legitimization in a shockingly increasing number of countries? Filmmaker Michael Perlman’s documentary insists that hate has never left us, as figures like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh had aligned with anti-Semitism and white supremacy respectively, as early as the 1930s. The spurt of immigration and dwindling economies have once again led far-right groups to prominence. ‘The Politics of Hate’ examines the roots of racist, xenophobic, and militant groups in nations like the USA, France, Austria, Poland, Japan, UK, and Greece.