The People's Girls
The People's Girls

The People's Girls

2016 | 27 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Colette Ghunim, Tinne Van Loon
  • Cast: Dr. Hany Henry, Salma Samy
  • Awards: Best Short Documentary - Arab Film Festival 2016, Ambassador Award - Rhode Island Film Festival 2016, Best Egyptian Film - International Open Film Festival 2016, Silver Remi Award - Worldfest Houston 2016
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For most men in Egypt, if a girl wears tight or skin-revealing clothes, she makes herself desirable and deserves to be stared at. Not all the blame can be put on the men as their own mothers often share the same belief. Two students from the American University of Cairo document the ordeal women face simply walking down the streets, even in broad daylight. Filled with interviews and social experiments, ‘The People's Girls’ highlights how Egypt is getting more regressive by the day with hardly any measures taken to keep its women safe.