The Monsanto Papers
The Monsanto Papers

The Monsanto Papers

2018 | 43 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Stephanie March
  • Cast: Stephanie March, Ron Snape, Tralee Snape, Brent Wisner, Dave Walton, Scott Partridge, Carey Gillam
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One of the most widely used herbicides on the planet, glyphosate, a.k.a. Roundup, has been the main cash cow for agrochemical giant Monsanto. Though efficient in controlling the growth of crop-destroying weeds, the chemical has been linked with a spate of health risks. After losing a $200 million lawsuit, Monsanto decides to publish 800 papers that claim the safety of their product. But critics assert the company has manipulated these studies in their favor. In search of the truth, ‘The Monsanto Papers’ interviews environmental advocates, experts, and a top-level representative from Monsanto.