The Last Cavemen
The Last Cavemen

The Last Cavemen

2016  | 52 minutes  |   |  U/A


 Rated 13+
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  • Director: Jean-Michel Corillion
  • Awards: Exceptional encounters - Grand Prix - Objectif Adventure Festival Paris, Gold Medal - European Underwater Image and Environment Festival Strasbourg, Golden Anchor - International Maritime and Exploration Festival Film Toulon
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In search of employment, tribal communities move to a town in the south of Palawan Island in the Philippines. But when their quest yields unsatisfactory results, members of Tau’t Batu, a tribe from a bygone era, discovered only in 1978, decide to return to live in the jungle. They have historically lived in caves in the depths of the forest. Explorer and filmmaker Jean-Michel Corillion’s The Last Cavemen follows members of the Tau’t Batu tribe to where they live like their ancestors did: hidden in giant caves, fishing, and hunting bats.