The Killing$ of Tony Blair
The Killing$ of Tony Blair

The Killing$ of Tony Blair

2016 | 91 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Sanne van den Bergh, Greg Ward, Daniel Turi
  • Cast: Tony Blair, Stephen Fry, George Galloway
  • Awards: Runner up - Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature Film - Chichester International Film Festival
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Greeted by a tremendous ovation as he ended the 18-year rule of the Conservatives, Tony Blair tasted unprecedented popularity in Britain's polity. Former Labour MP George Galloway's crowdfunded project highlights how Blair's terms as the Prime Minister of Britain were beset by selfish interests and relaxing policies for media barons and conglomerates. Galloway holds Blair accountable for killings on multiple accounts, as he interviews reporters, experts, and even Blair’s former colleagues. The film also sheds light on how Blair leveraged official contacts to amass a fortune since leaving office.