The Green Gold of Africa
The Green Gold of Africa

The Green Gold of Africa

2019  |  52 Min

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  • Director: David Chierchini, Matteo Keffer, Davide Morandini
  • Cast: Abukar Awale, Heinz Widmer, Mustafa Yuye, Safi Musa, Abdirisak, Abdulkarim Maggiore, Effrah, Khalif Muse Samatar, Mustafa Achmed
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Somali immigrant Abukar Awale has fought a legal battle in the UK to ban the sale of Khat, a natural amphetamine that has been chewed by generations of his countrymen back home & even in his current country of residence. The plant is imported to the UK from the Horn of Africa, where Khat emerged as the most-selling crop in economies that earlier depended on the sale of coffee. After coffee prices were deregulated, Khat became the sole provider of bread, money, and relief for thousands of Somalis, Kenyans & Ethiopians, still reeling from the ravages of civil wars & mass displacements.