The Curse of Abundance
The Curse of Abundance

The Curse of Abundance

2019  | 70 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Ewa Ewart
  • Cast: Penti Baihua, Fernando Santos Alvite, Alberto Acosta, Donald Mocayo, Pablo Fajardo, Esperanza Martinez, Roque Sevilla, Tarsicio Granizo, Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Dr. Kelly Swing, Paulina Garzon, Natalia Greene, Rafael Correa, Antonella Calle, Jose Miguel Goldaraz, Prof. Massimo De Marchi, Basilio Mamallacta, Manari Ushigua
  • Awards: Intermedia-Globe Gold Award & Global Awareness Special Award - World Media Festival, Best Director of a Feature Documentary - Madrid International Film Festival 2019, Best Environmental Documentary - Chagrin Documentary Film Festival 2019
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Yasuni in Ecuador holds one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world and is home to many indigenous tribes. It also contains a third of the country’s oil reserves. Ecuador once proposed to leave the oil in the ground in exchange for international compensation. But it clashed with potent interests and a cash-rich China that emerged as a strong player in Latin America. ‘The Curse of Abundance’ features members of its Huaorani tribe, current and former members of Ecuador’s ministerial cabinet, and many environmentalists mulling over the question: Should we leave the oil in the ground?