The Apollo of Gaza
The Apollo of Gaza

The Apollo of Gaza

2018  | 78 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 13+
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  • Director: Nicolas Wadimoff
  • Cast: Jean-Baptiste Humbert, Waleed Al-Aqqad, Jawdat Abu Ghurab, Nafez Abad, Jawdat Khoudary, Heyam Al-Bitar, Sofiane Salman, Gil Chaya, Fadel Al-Otol, Tania Cohen-Uzzielli, Jean Michel de Tarragon, Archbishop Alexios, Marc-André Haldimann, Mohammad Khalla, Sami Abu Salem, Sami Ajrami
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A fisherman in the Gaza strip stumbled upon a rare statue of Apollo. Not knowing its actual worth, he put it up for sale on eBay in a bid to make some quick money. The post was withdrawn by the police and the statue seized. He believes that it was a God-sent gift and is still awaiting his reward. Did the statue have any archeological significance or was it just a knockoff? Where is it now? Get the answers in this archeological thriller.