Tell The World
Tell The World

Tell The World

2019  | 46 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 13+
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  • Director: Sophie McNeill (Reporter)
  • Cast: Nurmuhammad Majid, Adam Turan, Sadam Abudusalamu, Nurgul Sawut, Dr. Darren Byler, James Leibold, Almas Nizamidin, Nathan Ruser, Dr. Adrian Zenz, Hayrullah Mai, Nurgul Sawut, Gulnur Idreis, Cheng Jingye
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In a bid to eradicate Islam and influence the next generation of Chinese, President Xi Jinping’s government is building one of the largest modern-day concentration camps in Xinjiang. Most of the residents hold Australian passports but are detained and barred from leaving China. Kids are indoctrinated while the adults are forced into labor at factories, which are offered incentives to hire detainees. Why is the Australian government doing nothing to get their citizens back on home soil? Do they share the ideology motivating the Chinese? Watch the families of the detainees, and a number of experts weigh in on these horrific human rights violations.