2013 | 52 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Marc-Aurèle Vecchione
  • Cast: Lyle Tuttle, Mark Mahoney, Jack Rudy, Filip Leu, Leo Zulueta, Alex Mitchell, Paul Booth, Kaves, Shige, Tin-Tin, Scott Campbell, José Lopez, Norm, Duke Riley, Katsuta, Fuzi UV TPK
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More visible today than ever before, tattoos are simply impossible to ignore. From being a sign of identification for tribes, crossing over to sailors, prostitutes, and criminals, and eventually gaining popularity with celebrities and rockstars; tattooing as an art form has transcended all barriers. But how did this seismic shift happen? Legends of the tattoo world like Lyle Tuttle, Jack Rudy, Filip Leu, Mark Mahoney, Paul Booth, Scott Campbell, Duke Riley, and Tin-Tin describe the migration of tattoos from the margins to the masses, from the underground to mainstream.