How can you sign up on DocuBay?

  • You can sign up on DocuBay using your email ID.
  • To sign up, click on the Log In link on the website/app.
  • Click on the Sign Up button.

How do I login to DocuBay?

  • If you’re accessing DocuBay on a Desktop, hover mouse pointer on the ‘Login’ button located at the top-right corner.
  • If you're on our Mobile App, please tap the Menu icon (three horizontal bars) to go to ‘Login’.
    Then, enter your registered Email ID and password.
  • If you’ve not registered yet, then we suggest you do.

Do I have to pay to watch content?

  • DocuBay is a membership-based service. You can watch trailers and DocuBytes (short videos) of all the documentaries for free; to watch the entire documentary, sign up for a quarterly or yearly membership.

Do I need to login before I can browse through content?

  • Nope! You can explore our vast and exciting catalogue right away. Watch DocuBytes, Trailers and watch 2 minutes of all the titles absolutely free, without even signing up! However, to continue watching the full documentary you will have to sign up and buy a membership plan. It’s pretty hassle-free and totally worth it.

What are the modes of payment available to pay the subscription amount?

  • Currently, you can buy a DocuBay Membership on our Website, Android app and iOS App only.

How can you reset your DocuBay account password?
How can you access videos you have downloaded?

  • Open the DocuBay app.
  • Tap on the menu.
  • Tap on Downloads.
  • Downloaded content will be visible.
  • Click on the content you wish to view and start watching
  • Note: You need to be logged in (online or offline) to view your downloads. Downloaded videos will be available on your device for 15 days from the date of download.
    If you are using DocuBay through a promo code, your downloaded videos will remain available only during the promotional period.

How do you cast content from the DocuBay app on Chromecast?
How can you cast content on Apple TV using an iOS device?
How can you watch content from the DocuBay app on multiple devices simultaneously using the same account?
On which platforms is DocuBay available?
How do I enable subtitles on DocuBay the App and website?

  • Almost all our movies contain subtitles. Click on the subtitle icon in the player, and voila! Subtitles appear.

How many videos can I download once I buy the membership?

  • Premium Members: Can download up to 3 titles at a time.
  • OneTribe Members: Can download unlimited number of titles.

Why do I need to sign up?

  • Signing up on DocuBay is just like creating your unique identity on DocuBay.
  • Making an account enables you to use features like Favorites, Watchlist and Generate TV Pin.
  • *Generate TV Pin feature will be coming soon.

How to use Generate TV Pin?

  • Open DocuBay app or login to website.
  • Then, go to menu and tap on Generate TV Pin; a 6-digit PIN will get generated.
  • On DocuBay Smart TV app, select Login with PIN.
  • Insert the 6-digit PIN displayed in the app on Smart TV.

Can I insert my profile name?

  • You can input your name from the DocuBay application or Website.
  • Follow these steps - App
    1. Open the DocuBay app.
    2. Go to App menu and tap on My Account.
    3. Tap on edit button.
    4. Input your name.
    5. Tap on save button.
  • Follow these steps - Website
    1. Visit DocuBay website.
    2. Login to your Account.
    3. Select My Account from the drop-down menu.
    4. Input your name.
    5. Click on Update button.

What is today’s release?

  • DocuBay releases a new title every single day. Keep watching the DailyBay to find out what’s released on the day, what comes next, and the documentary selected as DocBuster of the Month.

How do I contact Support team?

  • To contact us, go to the footer link on our website and click Contact Support and send us a question. You can also write to us directly at

Can I buy a docubay membership in my local currency?

  • While docubay is available in all countries, payments outside India will currently be processed in USD.