Sri Lanka By Mini Magic Bus
Sri Lanka By Mini Magic Bus

Sri Lanka By Mini Magic Bus

2020  | 60 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Gabriele Saluci
  • Cast: Ludovico de Maistre, Gabriele Saluci, Daniel Mazza, Stefano Cantarini
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Every now and then, four Italian globetrotters go on a trip together and raise funds that help people in need, in their foreign destinations. On their trip to Sri Lanka, they joined forces to raise funds to purchase a bus for the Children's Village of Ibbawale, built and supported by the Specchio dei Tempi Foundation. The bus would serve as a school bus and could also be used by the children for traveling. But first, these do-gooders ride a 1000 miles across The Emerald Island meeting locals, tasting their cuisines, and presenting some more gifts along the way.