Sky and Ground
Sky and Ground

Sky and Ground

2018  | 87 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   Rated 7+  | 
 Rated 7+
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  • Director: Talya Tibbon, Joshua Bennett
  • Cast: Abdallah Sheikh Nabi Guevara, Heba Souleiman, Leila Souleiman
  • Awards: Official Selection - DOC NYC
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In the world’s greatest refugee crisis, over 1.7 million refugees have entered Europe, seeking asylum. Sky and Ground follows a Syrian-Kurdish family that has set out to seek refuge in Berlin, led by Guevera Nabi. Starting the journey on foot from Aleppo, they make their way through the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece into the Balkans and through Hungary and Austria. Equipped only with the GPS on their mobile phones, find out what setbacks await the Nabi family on their journey of over 2000 miles to safety.