Saving The Mustang
Saving The Mustang

Saving The Mustang

2011  | 60 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Albert Botha
  • Cast: Randy Bird, Jean Albert Renaud, Roger William
  • Awards: Best Of Festival Wild Horses - EQUUS Film Festival 2018
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Introduced to the Americas by conquistadors in 1519, Mustangs, a breed of wild horses, roamed free for 400 years. In 1890, they numbered at 2 to 3 million living in the wild. Now, there are only about 74,000 mustangs, more than half of which live in captivity. Rounded up by the US Bureau of Land Management for overgrazing, their right to roam free is being challenged. Over the years, they have been raced for sport and used as raw materials for the pet food industry. While activists see mustangs as a part of national heritage, deserving federal protection, others resent their free use of the land. What will the future hold for these magnificent beasts?