Saint Peter in Gallicantu
Saint Peter in Gallicantu

Saint Peter in Gallicantu

2018  | 52 minutes  |  4K  |  premium  |  U  |   Rated 7+  | 
 Rated 7+
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  • Director: Yanai Arfi
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On the eastern slope of Mount Zion stands the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu, offering unparalleled views of the region. This church was built where Jesus was imprisoned in underground caves after his arrest. While it has been destroyed and resurrected several times, the magnificence of the monument today is undisputed. Replete with mosaic art and stained glass, this Church holds artistic and spiritual significance. Galli-cantu means cockcrow in Latin - a reference to Christ’s prophesy that Peter would deny him three times “before the cock crows”. Watch this feature that expounds on the many marvels of this architectural wonder.