Red Dot on the Ocean
Red Dot on the Ocean

Red Dot on the Ocean

2014 | 57 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Amy Flannery
  • Cast: Matt Rutherford, Herb McCormick, Marlowe Macintyre, Doug Rutherford, Rachel Rutherford
  • Awards: Best Jury Prize & Best Soundtrack - Why Not? Adventure Film Festival 2015, Best Documentary Feature - NOVA International Film Festival 2015, Best Documentary - Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival 2015, Best Biography - New Hope Film Festival 2015, Runner Up - Audience Best Feature Documentary - The Annapolis Film Festival 2015
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Pegged as a troubled youth while growing up, Matt Rutherford’s childhood was a brutal combination of drugs, cults, depression, learning disabilities and, ultimately, prison. Sitting in a jail cell at 17, he had an epiphany and began to turn his life around. In 2011, he set off to become the first person to circumnavigate the Americas alone, without any stops. Braving contrary winds and the world's most treacherous waters, Matt undertakes this 27,000-mile solo voyage aboard a 27-foot sailboat.