Pygmies - The Children Of The Jungle
Pygmies - The Children Of The Jungle

Pygmies - The Children Of The Jungle

2011  |  52 Min

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  • Director: Pavol Barabáš
  • Cast: Ivan Bulík
  • Awards: The Perseus Award - T-film Ostrava Czech Republic 2014, Audience Prize - Expedition Camera Czech Republic Slovakia 2014, Grand Prize - Czech - Polish Festival of Outdoor Films Poland 2013, Grand Prize - Camera Slovakia Bratislava SR 2013, Grand Prize - Ekofilm Ostrava Czech Republic 2012, Grand Prize - International Outdoor Film Festival Czech Republic 2012, Grand Prize - MFF Primus Slovenia 2012, The Best Slovak film - Festival Moutains and the City Slovakia 2012, Honourable mention – IFF Tur Ostrava Czech Republic 2012, Grand Prize - Go Kamera Czech Republic 2012, Film Journalists Award FIPRESCI - Etnofilm Čadca Slovakia 2012, Students Jury Award - Etnofilm Čadca Slovakia 2012
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Follow adventurer, Ivan Bulík, through his travels in the Central African Republic. He may have visited most parts of the continent but this place has always eluded him. The Pygmies, natives of the region, have a completely different way of life and their customs are ridden with superstitions. How does he manage to deal with a tribe that has no administration and shoots down people for an idle smirk? Meet the Children of the Jungle, endangered by civilization but rarely discussed, in this eye-opening feature. Their hunts, their rituals, the wild animals, all add to the thrills of this journey, making it the experience of a lifetime.