Project Y
Project Y

Project Y

2018 | 44 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Greg P. Schmitt
  • Cast: Adrian Bennett, Benedict Wheeler, Hahn Rossman, Reese Ruland, Sarah Thomas, Ariel Stone, Bill Griesar, Albert Spencer, Mindy Nettifee, Katie Rose Hejtmanek, Norman Baldwin, Willie McBride, Cody Stephenson, Matt Porter, Dr. Grant Headley, Tara Dellolacano Thies, Daniel Pasley, Kyle Von Hoetzendorff
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Wondering what is Type II Fun? The answer lies in Project Y - a documentation of an experiment carried out by two friends. They put five amateur athletes through a series of tests as they train for the toughest gravel race ever - the Dirty Kanza. The purpose of this exercise is to find out why people endure the great pain caused by the rigorous workouts required in order to be fit for such races. The results are surprising, to say the least.