Poly Life
Poly Life

Poly Life

2018  | 47 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Charlie David, Nico Stagias
  • Cast: Dr. Carrie Jenkins, Dr. Laurie Betito, Samantha Leigh Fraser, Caitlin Roberts, Marcus Rochefort, Raiden Huether, Michelle Imai, Matthew Jeffrey, Laura Cournoyea, Alex Naylor, Brent Everett, Steve Pena, Jayson Smith, Catherine McWhorter, Jesse Knapp, Antonio Carito, Robert Gvildys, Brigetta Piggott, Megan Hamilton, Lucy the Slut from Avenue Q, Rebecca Friesen, Gabriel Clark, Woodrow Monteiro, Mike White
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For centuries, monogamy has ruled the roost of romantic relationships, but in an age where divorce rates are at an all-time high, is a polyamorous lifestyle a viable alternative? Showing the way are three polyamorous couples that share the dynamics of their open relationships. With shared bedrooms and partners, does jealousy get in the way? Or are guidelines laid out properly to define who and how many people one can be involved with while in a relationship? Pick up the fundamentals of the polyamorous lifestyle while learning more about this radical rethinking of our societal constructs.