Plastic Shores
Plastic Shores

Plastic Shores

2012 | 56 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Edward Scott-Clarke
  • Cast: Jean-Michel Cousteau, Roz Savage, Marcus Eriksen, Anna Cummins, Congressman Sam Farr, Chris Hines, Richard Thompson, Frederick vom Saal, Andy Keller, Megan Lamson, Stacey Breining, Emily Penn, Camden Howitt, Sam Judd, Hayden Smith, Andy Cummins, Leslie Tamminen, Jean-Pierre de Greve
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The world's oceans cover over 70% of the planet's surface. They control its weather and regulate its temperature. The annual plastic production is over 300 million tons worldwide, a third of which is disposable plastics. While some of it makes its way to recycling plants or incinerators, over 6 million tons of disposable plastic litter enter the oceans and rivers every year. Plastic Shores reveals how plastic travels across oceans, and its detrimental effect on water quality and marine life. The film also discusses what we can do to mitigate our use of disposable plastics.