Path of the Typhoon
Path of the Typhoon

Path of the Typhoon

2008  | 52 minutes  |  free  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Micheal Wolff and Michael Hanel
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Countries lying in the Pacific ocean have been traumatized with devastating typhoons. Typhoon Isewan killed 5000 people in Japan in 1959 whereas the havoc caused by Typhoon Sepat in 2007 cost China USD 730 million. Despite advancements in technology such as faster supercomputers and satellites, the path and intensity of typhoons cannot be accurately predicted. With Typhoon Yagi brewing in the ocean, Hong Kong, Guam, Taiwan and Japan are on alert. Will they be able to predict its path and mitigate its impact? Or will mankind witness a massacre by nature's weapon of mass destruction?