Our Blood Is Wine
Our Blood Is Wine

Our Blood Is Wine

2018  |  52 Min

  • Director: Emily Railsback
  • Cast: Jeremy Quinn, Ramaz Nikoladze, Mariam Iosebidze, Luarsab Togonidze, Giorgi Natenadze
  • Awards: Official Selection Berlinale (Culinary Cinema Section) 2018
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Where does wine come from? The answer takes sommelier Jeremy Quinn and filmmaker Emily Rails back to Georgia, where winemaking dates back to almost 6000 B.C. Through the numerous upheavals that have taken place in the country’s history, the one constant is the ‘qvevri’, a giant clay pot that’s used for fermentation. These massive hand-crafted creations take 5 to 7 days to finish in the kiln, which is likened here to the amount of time it took God to make the Earth. Witness the revival of ancient winemaking and how it fits in with Georgia’s modern identity.