Orphans of ISIS
Orphans of ISIS

Orphans of ISIS

2019 | 60 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Dylan Welch
  • Cast: Dylan Welch, Karen Nettleton, Tara Nettleton, Khaled Sharrouf, Zaynab Sharrouf, Hoda Sharrouf, Humzeh Sharrouf
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Can crimes of parents define their children’s future? Australian grandmother Karen Nettleton found herself at the receiving end of this equation when she requested her government to bring back her grandchildren from Syria. After the death of her daughter and jihadist son-in-law, the orphaned grandchildren found themselves stuck in a refugee camp. With no set diplomatic policy on the repatriation of Australian nationals and their descendants associated with the IS, she continues to fight her battle 5 years in, as the children also struggle in the midst of death, disease, and despair.