On Day Eight
On Day Eight

On Day Eight

2018 | 54 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Robert Kosters, Yan Ting Yuen
  • Cast: Jan Peter Balkenende, Wouter Bos, Mervyn King, Yves Leterme, Didier Reynders, Jean-Claude Trichet, Nout Wellink
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Reverberations of the American financial crisis of 2008 were felt in economies around the globe. This documentary exposes the grim situation in Holland and Belgium in that dark September, as Fortis, the financial giant, stood on the verge of collapse and policymakers across Europe scrambled to come up with an appropriate response. Through interviews with finance ministers of the time and other key players, this film exposes just how unprepared the people in charge were for the events of 2008, and the inherent flaws in the current economic system.