Omo Child
Omo Child

Omo Child

2015  | 59 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: John Rowe
  • Cast: Lale Labuko, Ari Lale, Babur Mayde, Bi Lale, Labuko Lale, Dore Akir, Dore Lale Haila, Labuko Zino Gunza, Hami Gnalawu Wuka, Lale Biwa, Gido Labuko, Atowlele Alma Kele
  • Awards: Top 10 Audience Favourite Award HotDocs Toronto, Outstanding Cinematography - Tallgrass International Film Festival, Best Cinematography - Arizona International Film Festival, Cinema Society 2015/16 Society’s Finest Documentary Award, Jury Ethos Award - Social Impact Media Award, Grand Prize Humanitarian Award - IndieFest Film Awards, Best Documentary - DC Independent Film Festival, Special Recognition “One in a Million” Doc - Sun Valley International Film Festival, Best Documentary - Palm Beach International Film Festival, Best of Fest - ASU Human Rights Film Festival, Award of Excellence - Accolades Global Film, Audience Choice Best Documentary - Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Documentary - Real to Reel Film Festival, Best Documentary - New Hope Film Festival, Award of Excellence - IndieFest, Best Documentary - Oceanside International Film Festival, Best Documentary - Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, Cinema for Conscience Award - Wine Country Film Festival, Best Feature Film - Lunenburg DocFest, Audience Choice Best Feature - BendFilm Festival, Best Feature Film and Best Original Music - Ottawa International Film Festival, Jury Award - Best Documentary and Audience Choice Award Best Documentary - Charleston International Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Documentary - Red Rock Film Festival
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The Kara tribe of Omo Valley, Ethiopia, lives in isolation from the rest of the world and believes that some children are born cursed. The curse (called Mingi) supposedly brings disease and drought to the tribe and these children must be killed. The tribe’s only educated young man, Lale Labuko, loves his village and his people, but he wishes to end this age-old horrific practice. In the face of strong resistance from the elders and threats to his family, Lale has a long road to walk to save the Mingi children.