NCR: Not Criminally Responsible
NCR: Not Criminally Responsible

NCR: Not Criminally Responsible

2013  | 52 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 13+
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  • Director: John Kastner
  • Cast: Sean Clifton, Julie Bouvier, Shawn White, Andy Bouvier, Noella Bouvier, Debbie Vallentgoed, Mike Whalen, Charles DeCou, Sharron Capper, Janet Cooper, Dr. Ahmed
  • Awards: Official Selection - Hot Docs 2013, Official Selection - IDFA
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With a complete loss of rationality, a young man stabs a stranger in a crowded mall. The crime should have got him a stiff sentence but he was declared not criminally responsible on account of his psychosis. Are criminals getting away easily with this provision in the Canadian judicial system? Directed by four-time Emmy Award winner, John Kastner, the documentary brings to light this debate with interviews of the victim and the accused.