2016  | 24 minutes  |   |   
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  • Director: Majka Burhardt, Sarah Garlick, Paul Yoo
  • Cast: Majka Burhardt, Kate Rutherford, Flavia Esteves, Caswell Munyai, Harith Farooq, Geraldo Palalane, Ray Murphy, Edwin Petani, Richard Halsey
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Climber Majka leads a group of scientists and researchers on an expedition up Mount Namuli, where they hope to find a new species of insect or reptile that will help bolster their efforts to protect the mountain from commercial exploitation. The climb is not easy but it is fruitful, as they find a snake-like amphibian -a Caecilian- not known to exist in this region, among other rare species. But will they succeed in making the locals understand the importance of preserving the forests and the animals, even if it means loss of income? Watch their unwavering efforts in this feature.