Namanu Rruni - Albatross Island
Namanu Rruni - Albatross Island

Namanu Rruni - Albatross Island

2018 | 14 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Matthew Newton
  • Cast: Dr. Rachael Alderman
  • Awards: Best Short Film - New York Wild Film Festival 2019, Best Wildlife Conservation Film - Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2018, Best Film & Best Story - Stories in September Festival 2018
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The Albatross Island in the north-west tip of Tasmania, Australia is home to around five thousand breeding pairs of shy albatross. The birds are endemic to the region and were close to extinction in the 1800s. Watch how marine biologist, Dr. Rachael Aldermen, and her team are monitoring their health and wellbeing by making trips to the island, even living out of a tent. Will she be able to stop the continuous decline in their population rate? Get the answer from her itself.