My Kid is not Crazy
My Kid is not Crazy

My Kid is not Crazy

2017  | 85 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Tim Sorel
  • Awards: 2017 BEA Festival of Media Arts Best of Festival Award for Faculty Documentary, 2018 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Suncoast Chapter Regional Emmy Award (Topical Documentary category)
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30 years ago, Dr Susan Swedo discovered that an undiagnosed strep infection in children could lead to symptoms normally linked with psychiatric illness. While many psychiatrists put kids suffering from such symptoms on psychotropic medication, Swedo insists that they only need accurate diagnosis, antibiotics & a return to normal life. A powerful sceptical lobby has emerged with connections to big pharma companies. What becomes of the children caught in this crossfire of doubt and unresolved symptoms of mental illnesses?