Made with Pride
Made with Pride

Made with Pride

2014 | 56 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Tammy Jones
  • Cast: Martin, Maxim, Jade Ocean, Catharine Marcoux, Sasha, Lucas, Dr. Art Leader
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Filmmaker Tammy Jones’s brother Martin and his partner Maxim, who grew up in Russia, had been together for ten years when they decided they wanted children. The homosexual couple set out on a search for a suitable egg donor and a surrogate mother to help them materialise their dream. On this long, winding journey that was filled with legal, logistic, financial and medical hurdles they met Jade, a South African adventure-lover who wishes to donate her eggs. A mother of 4, Catharine volunteers to be their surrogate. Follow them on their highly emotional & inspiring journey of becoming parents via surrogacy.