Last Chance
Last Chance

Last Chance

2012 | 85 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Paul Émile d'Entremont
  • Cast: Noel St. Pierre, Carlos Atuesta, Zaki Saad Zaki Abdal Malak,Trudi Stewart, Jennifer Khalil, Alvaro Orozco
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Among the first nations to accept asylum seekers on the basis of sexual orientation & identity, Canada takes in numerous refugees every year, who must prove that they are members of a sexual or gender-based minority, to the Immigration & Refugee Board. ‘Last Chance’ follows 5 queer individuals who have suffered homophobic violence, incarceration & “corrective rape” & are now applying to Canada for asylum. As policies change over the years and claims are denied on simple technicalities, lapses in memory can be fatal & result in deportation to the same world that endangered their lives.