Keeping and Saving
Keeping and Saving

Keeping and Saving

2018  |  52 Min

  • Director: Digna Sinke
  • Cast: Truida Sinke-Lijk, Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj, Tomas Laurinavicius
  • Awards: Nominated for Golden Calf for Best Long Documentary at Netherlands Film Festival 2018, Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018, International Competition, DOK Leipzig 2018
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In a civilization built on materialism, the hoarding of objects was not unusual but it is slowly becoming so. As more people shift towards a minimalist lifestyle with only the bare essential possessions, Digna Sinke questions the reasons people keep the things they save. Is it a means of preserving history - tokens of the times gone by? What is the reason for the bond people feel with the objects they collect? Does touching the object trigger memories? She explores the answers to these questions through interviews with minimalists, collectors, and ordinary people with homes full of memories.