2015  |  92 Min

  • Director: Costa Boutsikaris
  • Cast: Ben Falk, Lisa Depiano, Mark Shepard, Dwaine Lee, Lisa Fernandes, Eric Toensmeier, Paula Hewitt, Andrew Faust, Dave Jacke, Susana Kaye Lein, Steve Gabriel, Steve Whitman, Rhamis Kent, Louis Sanchez, Charles Eisenstein, Ari Rosenberg, Pandora Thomas, Geoff Lawton, Keith Morris, Michael Phillips
  • Awards: Audience Favorite - Princeton Environmental Film Festival 2015, Audience Choice Award - EFFY Environmental Film Festival Yale 2015
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Permaculture refers to the idea of making human practices like farming & animal husbandry ecologically sound by integrating them with natural ecosystems that are cyclical. From fish-breeding water being used to fertilize edible plants to growing vine-based plants like kiwi that require no dedicated land space to thrive, the range of permaculture practices covered in this feature are vast. While the approaches and the processes modified are diverse, the goal is one: to harmonize with the environment as we seek to produce resources for humankind.