2017  | 58 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Hilary Linder
  • Cast: Antonio Alarcón, Evelyn Rivera Portillo, Essex Berry, Renata Borges Teodoro
  • Awards: Atlanta DocuFest – Best Social Issue Documentary,Kansas International Film Festival – Jury Award Winner - Best Documentary,Arizona International Film Festival – Special Grand Jury Award - Inspirational Filmmaking,Boston International Film Festival – Best Documentary Winner,Peabody Award Nomination 2017,Carbonia Film Festival – Official Selection
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The last time Renata visited her family, it was at the US-Mexico border where she had to hug her mother through a fence. She was separated from her parents since she was a child as the enforcement of tough US immigration laws led to their deportation. As an adult, Renata & people like her are fighting for their own citizenships and for the right to be reunited with their families. Will they succeed?