2016 | 23 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Dave Mossop, Josh Thome
  • Cast: Sabra Kauka, Kawika Winter, Don Heacock, Stacy Sproat-Beck, Bob Yuhnke, David Sproat
  • Awards: Winner - Accolades Global Film Competition, Grand Jury Prize - Oregon Film Awards 2015, Humanitarian Award - Global Film Competition
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The agricultural field in Kauai island presents a stark contrast between the traditional system that meets the requirements of the population, and the test farms that are run by large agrochemical corporations. These corporations keep spraying pesticides on genetically-modified test crops to ensure they have the means to meet global food demand. But in the process, they end up harming not just the environment but also the local community and its livelihood. Is there a solution that will benefit both parties? Find out in this eye-opener.