The Hyenas Of Harar
The Hyenas Of Harar

The Hyenas Of Harar

2015  | 52 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 16+
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  • Director: Maurice Dubroca
  • Cast: Youssouf Mume Saleh, Abbas Saleh, Reheman Ahemed, Qadir Abdi
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The city of Harar in Ethiopia is known as the City of Tolerance, an attitude which extends to its wild neighbors. While wild spotted hyenas are known as hunters and killers in the rest of Africa, in Harar, these hyenas and men live in peace. At the heart of this special relationship is Youssouf Mumeh, the Hyena Man of Harar, who has been feeding them with his own hands for over 30 years. This act has fostered a bond between him & the local hyena clan, and has also ensured that people & livestock are not attacked by them. How did this unusual relationship emerge? Will his son Abbas be able to take it forward?