How Britain Bridges the World
How Britain Bridges the World

How Britain Bridges the World

2011 | 60 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Miriam Lyons
  • Cast: Peter Curran, Keith Brownlie, Steve Aspinall, Peter Udall, Dr. John Adamson, Hamish Douglas, Bill Valentine, Gordon Masterton, Ian McCormack, Norman Foster, Roger Ridsdill Smith, Pat Dallard, Savas Sivetidis, Alistair Lenczner, Michel Virlogeux
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Britain has always been known for the world’s biggest, tallest and most breathtaking bridges, setting the standard for others to follow. ‘How Britain Bridges the World’ looks at how this trend continues by documenting how four 21st century masterpieces were made, with interviews from those who brought them to life. Get an insight into what went into making superstructures like London’s Millennium Bridge, Skye Bridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, and the colossal Millau in France.