Honey Hunters
Honey Hunters

Honey Hunters

2018 | 52 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Krystian Matysek
  • Cast: Magdalena Popławska, Kamil Baj
  • Awards: Green Academy Award Wildscreen Festival Bristol 2016
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Honey hunting is an ancient practice, a way of collecting honeycomb from the hives of wild bees. In Nepal, the Gurung tribe people collect the highly-prized Himalayan honey by ascending steep cliffs with rope-ladders and using smoke to drive away from the bees. In Eastern Europe, honey bees are kept in hollowed-out trees; in Warsaw and Paris, apiaries are set up on the roofs of buildings - there is even one on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. But the death of bees because of new-generation insecticides has bee-keepers around the world concerned. Is this a sign of more troubling times to come?