Holy Angels
Holy Angels

Holy Angels

2017  | 14 minutes  |  premium  |  S


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Jay Cardinal Villeneuve
  • Cast: Lena Wandering Sprit, Phoenix Alec Sawan
  • Awards: Best Alberta Short Documentary - International Film Festival 2018, Indigenous Award & Founder's Award ex-aequo with "Run as One - The Journey of the Front Runners" by Erica Daniels - Yorkton Film Festival 2018, Special Mention (Best Short Film) - First Peoples' Festival (Land InSights) 2018
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Canada’s residential schools were government-sponsored religious schools, established to assimilate indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. 150,000 indigenous children were removed from their families & sent to these schools where they were stripped of their language, their culture, physically & sexually abused, and left with emotional scars. In this film, Lena Wandering Spirit, who spent 6 years in an Alberta’s Residential School, reveals the haunting memories of her traumatic time there. 5-year-old performer Phoenix Sawan brings Lena’s recollections to life.