Heart Child
Heart Child

Heart Child

2013 | 84 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Ben Duffy
  • Cast: Crys Worley, Sasha Worley, Fallon Worley
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When Crys Worley took her autistic son, Sasha, to a birthday party, he had a meltdown. This resulted in them being ignored by most of the people in the neighborhood, which deeply hurt the mother. She realized that acceptance was the first stage for autistic kids to have a lifestyle that's as normal as possible. Taking inspiration from her challenges, she went on to open a non-profit organization, A.skate, which introduces autistic kids to skateboarding. There’s no competition or team, and the little ones can just have fun. It’s not been an easy ride but Worley has helped make the lives of so many families better.