Happy Android
Happy Android

Happy Android

2019  | 25 minutes  |  premium  |  A


 Rated 18+
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  • Director: Jaina Kalifa
  • Cast: Paul "Tubby" Cooper, Isabel Cooper, Domini Forster, Ollie Forster, Little Tub
  • Awards: Best Australian Short Documentary Award - Antenna International Documentary Film Festival 2019, Supreme Jury Prize (Short Documentary) & Best Short Director - Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2019, Audience Award for Documentary - Cineglobe Film Festival 2019, Official Selection Hot Docs 2019
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Meet Paul Cooper, a Melbourne-based street performer whose creation - Tubby - has entertained audiences around the world for over two decades. In reality, the man is battling depression and anxiety, much of which escalated after his brother's demise. As he tries to rebuild his life with his partner and children, the robot, engineered with the utmost care, provides a helping hand. Watch the duo spread smiles in this documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Jaina Kalifa.