2016  |  13 Min

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  • Director: Justin Simms
  • Cast: Aidan Penton, Austin Reid, Anthony Cobb, Dominic Penton, Janice Thomson, Boyce Reid, Lora Kirk
  • Awards: Best Documentary (Science/Nature/Technology) - Yorkton Film Festival 2017
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Centuries of hand line fishing for Northern Cod fish, off Fogo Island in Canada, ended when industrial practices swiftly depleted the stocks. Now, fishers on Fogo Island are returning to the old ways by building their future on a technique rooted deeply in the past. A group of traditional fishers return to catch cod live by hand, by hook and line, one at a time, as after a 20-year moratorium on North Atlantic cod, the stocks are returning. The method, which dates back to the 1600s, is aimed at nabbing rich cod in smaller quantities than mass-netting trawlers would catch, therefore encouraging sustainability.