Hadwin's Judgement
Hadwin's Judgement

Hadwin's Judgement

2015  | 91 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Sasha Snow
  • Cast: Herb Hammond, John Vaillant, Chris Winsor, Scott McKenzie, Ralph Stocker, Martin Williams, Reg Davidson, Tom Illidge, Gene Runtz, Jen Wilson, Merilyn Baldwin
  • Awards: Best Canadian Film - Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2016, Best Film (Mountain Environment & Natural History) - Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival 2015, Grand Prize - 13th Mountain Film Meeting 2017, Official Selection - Hot Docs 2015
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Once tasked with felling trees in the rainforest of British Columbia, Grant Hadwin realised the impact of his actions. This turned him into one of the early advocates of environmentalism, which impelled him to write to leaders of his nation & of the world. But when his desperate & unrelenting efforts at raising awareness yielded no fruit, Hadwin chopped off the most beautiful tree, a 300-year-old spruce with golden needles, revered by generations of Haida Indians. Was this the act of a madman? Or was he so deeply in love with the forest that he had to attack it to jolt the world into action?