Golden Dawn Girls
Golden Dawn Girls

Golden Dawn Girls

2017 | 93 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Håvard Bustnes
  • Awards: Honorable Mention for Documentary - Los Angeles Greek Film Festival 2018, Best Norwegian Documentary - HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival 2018, EDAV Award for Best Script & Story Development - International Film and Human Rights Festival of Valencia - HUMANS FEST
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Even if they are publicly sporting the Nazi swastika, striking the Seig Heil salute, or holding a march where participants yell “F--- the Jews”, Greece’s far-right political party Golden Dawn’s founders would like the world to believe they are just nationalists, and not neo-Nazis. Filmmaker Havard Bustnes gets unrelenting access into the lives of a mother, a daughter & a wife of the party’s high-ranking leaders, when the men find themselves behind bars in relation with the murder of antifa activist Pavlos Fyssas. Once on the sidelines, the ladies are now tasked with handling the next general election.