Gold and Mineral Water
Gold and Mineral Water

Gold and Mineral Water

2018  | 52 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Michelangelo Gondalfi
  • Cast: Gary Rodoni, Brendan Rodoni, Kevin Sartori, Gary Lawrence, Ian Tinetti, Jack Larn, Rob Rodoni, Terry Olver, Maria Viola, Colin Sullivan, Mike, Kurt Vanzetta, Frank Vanzetta, Ron Vanzetta, Allen Deans, Paul Righetti, Lawrence Righetti, Marie Righetti, Mauri Gervasoni
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Hepburn Springs, a resort town in Australia, is heavily influenced by Swiss and Italian culture. The ancestors of this place are said to have immigrated from Ticino in the 1800s to escape the gold fever epidemic. Starting out as gold diggers, they slowly began to contribute to the economic boom. Watch how a bunch of people created a new land for themselves and thus, a nation - Australia.